Top Ten Lists

Alan's Top Ten New Year's Resolutions

10) Get little 911 tags for telephones in the mansion
 9) Find out what happened to the real Edward
 8) Get around to watching the end of the "Perry Mason"
    movie.  Still don't know who done it
 7) Tell Monica how sorry he is for whatever it is he did
 6) Get every episode of "The Fugitive" on tape
 5) Don't kill anybody this year (he has enough trouble with
    last year's murder)
 4) Stop flirting with all the babes at the hospital
 3) Try to make time for Medical practice
 2) Get tips from Ryan on how to cover up a murder
And Alan's number one New Year's resolution
 1) Cut back on the macaroni and cheese
"All you need is a healthy instinct for survival." Alan Quartermaine
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