Top Ten Lists

Brenda's Top Ten New Year's Resolutions

10) Walk into Quartermaine mansion with "War and Peace"
    (scare A.J.)
 9) Find out Julia's PIN number; go on shopping spree
 8) Go see new Prince (or whatever his symbol is) movie;
    tell everyone how it ends
 7) Tell Jagger he's forgiven for whatever it is he did and
    then make stuff up (he'll never know)
 6) Get every episode of "Baywatch" on tape
 5) Don't kill anybody (even if Lila puts her in the will)
 4) Reveal to Reginald her passoinate desire for him
 3) Try to keep Lila away from the Cuisinart
 2) Get tips from Felicia on how to snag a neanderthal
And Brenda's number one New Year's resolution
 1) Start dating within her own species
"I don't need an excuse." Brenda
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