Top Ten Lists

Ned's Top Ten New Year's Resolution

10) Figure out some place to hide Rolling Stone Magazine
    when his picture comes out on the cover
 9) Find out if AT&T has a special plan for long distance
    calls to Buffalo
 8) Don't date relatives (from any show)
 7) Tell Lois he's sorry for whatever it is he'll do
 6) Get every episode of "The Monkees" on tape
 5) Don't kill A.J. (even though he deserves it)
 4) Wait until second date to fall in bed with a girl (and
    always remember condoms*)
 3) Try to stop humming Springsteen at board meetings
 2) Get tips from KatyBell on how to lead a double life
And Ned's number one New Year's Resolution
 1) Don't think about sex or business for five minutes
    (okay, don't think)
"One man's trouble is another man's challenge" Ned *Our Top Ten Public Service announcement.
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