Top Ten Lists

Amy's Top Ten Bubble Bath Fantasies

10) Scrubbing up in the bubble bath with that sexy Doctor
    Tony Jones
 9) Steve Hardy walks in and gives her a raise
 8) Blackie, finally released from Prison and Full House,
    visits her in the tub
 7) Paramedic boyfriend performs mouth to mouth
 6) Roommates stay around long enough to pay the rent
 5) Actually making interactive video with Beavis and
 4) Blondes get extra tax break this year
 3) Champagne, caviar and young hunk Jason Quartermaine
 2) What if she had gone on that date with Ryan
And Amy's number one bubble bath fantasy
 1) Bobbie is killed by gangsters and Amy becomes head nurse
"You know he actually asked me out once." Amy
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