Top Ten Lists

Jason's Top Ten Bubble Bath Fantasies

10) Soaking in the tub with Lucy Coe
 9) Waterpik gets teeth completely clean
 8) Brenda comes in for a tylenol and Jason can't quite
    manage to fight her off
 7) Moira and he discuss "Romeo and Juliet" in the bubbles
 6) Mom, Dad and A.J. continue to leave him in the dark
 5) He becomes Cher's newest boy toy
 4) Admitted to Medical another country
 3) Champagne, caviar and that cute little nurse Amy
 2) No one ever finds out about the affair he had with Jenny
    while she was living in the gatehouse
And Jason's number one bubble bath fantasy:
 1) Jagger convicted of manslaughter in Karen's accidental
    hot chocolate poisoning
"Can I put this down now?" Jason
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