Top Ten Lists

Tony's Top Ten Bubble Bath Fantasies

10) Scrubbing up in the bubble bath with that sexy nurse Amy
 9) Steve Hardy walks in and gives him a raise
 8) Divorce from Lucy not legal; she comes in to give him
    the good news
 7) Laura leaves Luke; realizes her true love is brother-in
    -law Tony
 6) Property taxes lowered on brownstone
 5) Dolly Parton invites him to go on the road with her
 4) Golden opportunity arrives to go to Somalia
 3) Champagne, caviar and Monica
 2) No one ever finds out about the secret brain operations
    he did on Scotty and Mac
And Tony's number one bubble bath fantasy:
 1) Bobbie crawls in on her hands and knees and begs him for
    a divorce
"Sure we have serial killers over all the time." -- Tony
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