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Reginald's Top Ten Bubble Bath Fantasies

10) Relaxing in the bath with town celebrity Felicia Jones
 9) Lila rolls in and gives him a raise
 8) Tracy returns and confesses her passoinate love for
 7) Brenda needs another tylenol
 6) Grocery store has a big sale on asparagus
 5) Aerosmith invites Reginald back to play keyboards for
 4) Hugh Hefner offers him job as butler at playboy mansion
 3) Champagne, caviar and a Ren & Stimpy comic book
 2) No one ever finds out he's actually the exiled emperor
    of Lumina
And Reginald's number one bubble bath fantasy
 1) No ring in the tub
"More coffee, Mrs. Quartermaine?" Reginald
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