Top Ten Lists

Our Top Ten List of The Best Men in Port Charles

10) Jason - Not old enough to be interesting yet, but nice
    to look at
 9) Sonny - Looks really good in blue
 8) Tony - Would never be mistaken for Tom Selleck, but
    sometimes he's funny and has the natural pathos of
    anyone married to Bobbie
 7) Luke Spencer - Very in touch with his emotions.  Also
    dangerous, yet goofy
 6) Marco - Cute little bod and brains to match
 5) Damian - That gorgeous smile
 4) Ned - Delightfully deceptive and looks amazingly like a
    kewpie doll
 3) Reginald - That attitude and those suspenders
 2) Kevin - So much smarter than everyone else
And the best man in Port Chuck
 1) Ryan - so multi-talented and good-looking
"He's brilliant...and he's a monster... and the monster" Dr. Kevin Collins
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