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Top Ten Gifts To Mac And Felicia For Their Wedding

10) Instant divorce kit (from Lucy)
 9) A matched set of muzzles (from Sean)
 8) An omelette cookbook (from Tony)
 7) Year's supply of cycle three (from Lila)
 6) A really good dictionary (from Robin)
 5) A case of that Danish beer with the clever little tops
    (from Kevin)
 4) Chia pet (from Bobbie)
 3) Sheep shearing set for the next time Mac wants a haircut
    (From Scotty UPS)
 2) A jar of pickles to go with that fork (From Katy Bell)
And the number one gift to Mac And Felicia for their wedding
 1) A bomb (That's what's Ryan's getting for them.  Just
    put our name on the card, babe.)
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