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Top Ten Reasons Garcia Keeps Getting Promoted

10) Handled that Jagger case so well (managed not to find
 9) Doesn't let anyone in the Evidence room unless he's
    throughly checked their i.d. (or she's really pretty)
 8) Knows all the words to the Car 54 theme
 7) Can operate the police radio and drive a car at the same
 6) Keeps his badge nice and shiny
 5) Doesn't laugh when Sean proposes theories
 4) Token ethnic officer, on primarily WASP male police
 3) Does killer imitation of ex-mayor Luke Spencer
 2) Can recite all of the Three Stooges dialogue by heart
And the number one reason Garcia keeps getting promoted
 1) Never hits on Tiffany
"Yeah, Boss, I'll get right on it. " Garcia
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