Top Ten Lists

The Top Ten Awards That Should Have Been Given At The SOD Ceremony

All the nominees were chosen by the writers of this top ten
list who considered performances from Feb. 1993 through Feb.
1994.  There weren't any ballots and nobody voted on
anything and the top ten vote getters were determined and
verified by the accounting firm of Teresa and Tracy.  The
final results were placed in child-proof receptacles,
sealed with bubble gum for your protection and revealed in
tonights star-studded top ten list.
And the Winners Are:
10) The Good Help Isn't Easy to Find Award -  Stephen T. Kay
    as Reginald Jennings, General Hospital
 9) Best Death - Tony Geary as Bill Eckert (or was that Most
    Eagerly Awaited), General Hospital
 8) Most Audacious Performance - Vanessa Marcil as Brenda
    ("Are you a serial killer, too?") Barrett, General
 7) The Rapid-Fire Delivery Award - Gerald Anthony as Marco
    Dane, General Hospital (Not enough space for example)
 6) The Bum's Rush Award -(three way tie) Matthew Ashford as
    Jack Devereaux, Michael Sabatino as Lawrence Alamain,
    Crystal Chappel as Carly Manning, Days of Our Lives
    (with an honorable mention to our own Crystal Carson as
    Julia Barrett, General Hospital)
 5) The Most Obnoxious Whiner Award - To All the General
    Hospital fans (but it got us a better show.)
 4) The Totally Clueless Award - The Port Charles Police
    Department (Not one shred of solid evidence on anybody)
 3) Unintentionally Funniest Moment of the Year Award -
    (tie) Wallace Kurth (Wally to us) as Ned Ashton
    (portraying the in-shock ex-husband waiting outside
    Jenny's hospital room, catching flies) and John Lopreino
    as Cord Roberts, One Life to Live ("Puppets, Tina,
 2) Most Disgusting Love Scene - Bill and Victoria, General
    Hospital (You know, the contortionists scenes)*
And the number one award that should have been given at the
SOD Ceremony
 1) The Funniest, Most Adorable, Scariest, Sexiest,
    Most Pathetic, Multi-Talented (Alleged serial killer/
    pediatrician/card shark/gardener/photographer/mad
    scientist/bomb expert/psychiatrist/painter/skydiver,
    etc., etc., etc.), Enthralling Character Award - Jon
    (Double our pleasure, double our fun) Lindstrom as Ryan
    Chamberlain/Kevin Collins, General Hospital
"Nobody ever appreciates the good things, I do." Ryan
Chamberlain, General Hospital
*Sorry to have brought back the memory
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