Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Could Prevent Mac and Felicia From Ever Getting Married

10) Felicia late for the next ceremony so Mac decides to
    dump her
 9) Mac falls madly in love with Katy Bell
 8) They find out he's a Republican and she's a Democrat
 7) Taxes lower if they stay single
 6) Maxie develops allergy to sheep
 5) Mac killed in freak carrot slicing accident
 4) Felicia gets amnesia....again!
 3) Frisco finally found a map, knows how to get back to
 2) Kevin uses the word "perspicacious".  Felicia too busy
    looking it up to ever marry Mac
And the number one thing that could prevent Mac and Felicia
from ever getting married:
 1) Ryan can get out anytime he wants
"Mac could never give you what I could give you or erase me
from your memory."  Dr. Ryan Chamberlain
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