Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Sean Can't Do At The Same Time

10) Operate the the police radio AND drive
 9) Lie to Tiffany AND not sound like Porky Pig
 8) Chew gum AND read
 7) Give Jagger advice AND remember that he, himself was
    once a criminal
 6) Commit adultery AND use protection
 5) Arrest suspects AND remember where he put his Miranda
    rights card
 4) Listen to garbage disposal AND fill ice cube trays
 3) Give Garcia instructions AND be expected to keep an eye
    on the rest of the stooges at the PC police department
 2) Play Poker AND catch on that he's drinking brandy and
    smoking cigars with a killer and a burglar
And the number one things that Sean can't do at the same
 1) Can't talk to Ryan or Kevin AND maintain any illusion of
"My tax dollars at work."  A.J. Quatermaine
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