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News for the week of 07-Oct-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Jason Thompson (Patrick) is looking forward to the dynamics of Robin’s return. He’s enjoyed quite the story arcs with two actresses (Teresa Castillo/Sabrina, Kelly Thiebaud/Britt) whose characters were designed to turned his life around and — in their own way — evolve Patrick for this moment. “It’s been fun to see how he has progressed and evolved. The life he has now is different than what he planned.” This moment, coming soon, has been the result of a perfect storm of availability and always, willingness to make the return happen, not just for the actors involved but the fans who’ve been waiting for what seems forever. “There are a lot of fans that love us together; which is a testament to the writing and the show as a whole. Kimberly [McCullough/Robin] and I brought an energy together and it really worked. It really starts with good story. And we’ve had some great storylines together. People really want to watch. They relate to the characters, who have been through a lot.” When not acting on GH, Thompson’s been putting together a documentary-style biography, with his producing partner Donnie Eichar, about hikers who vanished in 1959 while out exploring a Russian mountainside. –Daytime Confidential interview by Susan Hornik, September 30, 2013

Gossip for the week of 07-Oct-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Lulu and Dante fight Maxie and Spinelli for legal custody of baby Connie, and win when they fight dirty: Maxie lied under oath about Matt in a previous murder trial and Spinelli was a hired syndicate guy. Everything works itself out, though, when it’s found out that Britt impregnated herself with Lulu and Dante’s spare embryo. Britt becomes the town pariah once this news spreads. But Prince Nikolas doesn’t abandon her. He’s steadfast, because he was once in Britt’s predicament with a lethal family. Britt will also learn that Ellie’s connected—possibly to the Qs. Jerry sends Robin and Nikolas back to Port Charles to gather the rest of the reinforcements for the final antidote provided they do so undetected. As insurance, Jerry holds Robert and Anna captive. Carly hits on Julian Derek to gain a better understanding of his and Ava’s real motives here. Julian orders a hit on Shawn, but hitman Carlos aims wrong and hits T.J., who’s killed instantly. Sonny’s in no position to do any mob business, much less function in society, so Olivia asks Brenda to come help. Carlos sidles up to Elizabeth, trying to be her light after coming across the scared, weepy nurse, concerned about A.J. being found guilty. Ava wants Silas and sees that Sam is in her way. So she puts a hit out on Sam—herself. Re: RUMOR: I Need Your Help!/, October 3, 2013

Ilene Kristen (ex-Roxy, OLTL) may show up next as Ava and Julian’s mob-connected mom, or Silas’s mom.

Jack Wagner (ex-Frisco) may or may not return to wrap up more veteran-led story. Hard to believe after he burned that Twitter bridge. But his name’s come up for a reason.

Lucas, Bobbie’s (adopted) and Julian’s son, comes back not just to heat up FAD (Felix & Brad), but also to infuse buzz in the mob story. Word is, the actor about to play him is a hot commodity.

Expect to see other past (dead) favorites rising up as possible captives in that elaborate human lab experiment. Maybe Courtney.

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