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Previews for the week of 07-Mar-2016

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Helena is dead, right? Nevertheless, she reappears in a video reading her will to those she’s summoned for the grand, mysterious occasion. They include Nikolas, Alexis, Laura, Lulu, Elizabeth, and Sam.
  • What Helena leaves behind and bequeaths doesn’t make sense to those who survived her death.
  • Laura approaches the reading of Helena’s will with much trepidation. Word is that Helena plans to send Laura off on a wild goose chase.
  • Jason has a not-so-small chat with Carly about the rest of his life, including the part where he was once Quartermaine’s golden child.
  • Carly’s words of enlightenment send shivers up and down Jason’s spine.
  • Jason pledges to regain the rest of his heritage. In doing so, he experiences another returning memory as Jason Quartermaine — with his beloved grandmother, Lila.
  • Monica is only too happy to spend more time with her son, Jason, to catch up. She’s already lost too much.
  • Sonny and Carly talk to each other, to determine where they are as a married couple now that trust has been broken.
  • It’s another arduous P.I. con between Sam and her mark, a businessman named Baxter. But she’s the key to unlocking Hayden’s identity. Word is, the reveal will happen soon and will infect a lot of people.
  • Baxter is not so easily charmed by Sam that he would just lay down and lay out Hayden’s true identity.
  • Sam keeps digging until she gets the truth for Nikolas. She does… and OMG!
  • Elizabeth voices concern that maybe Sam shouldn’t do this.
  • When the subject of family comes up, Hayden plays make-believe about her own dad so Nikolas is none the wiser.
  • Meanwhile, Hayden lives a sham of a marriage, riding on one slim dime until the jig is up. She deceives Nikolas through and through to the very end. But even she has her limits.
  • Nikolas isn’t so sure he should keep Hayden at arm’s length. What if she’s on the level about loving him?
  • Something’s wrong with Tracy, alright. The doctors get to the bottom of it. But it is the one Tracy turned away for being too green who may end up saving her.
  • Drs. Griffin, Mayes, and Monica go over Tracy’s troubling case. They’re no closer to saving her than before.
  • Dr. Griffin senses there’s more to Tracy’s test results than a mere side effect of antidepressants. Right now though, he’s as flummoxed as the other doctors on her case.
  • Tracy has no choice but to sit there in the hospital bed and face the possibility that she’s not going to make it out this time.
  • Dillon has a sinking feeling that his mom is running away from what’s going on with her mind and body, making light of her serious symptoms.
  • Lulu and Dante return to the topic of their relationship, and if there’s anything worth salvaging.
  • Paul promises Anna that he’s got this covered from all angles, so the both of them won’t have to suffer.
  • Anna hands over evidence to Sonny of Carlos’ whereabouts, revealing that he never died.
  • Who is Griffin to Anna? He’s a major deal, and this week, some of it comes out from the doctor’s own lips.
  • Griffin allows that he’s been watching Anna closely.
  • Anna leans on Andre and his opinion when it comes to the new doctor in town and his connection to her.
  • Jordan notices sparks between Anna and Andre.
  • Jordan asks Andre if he cares about Anna beyond that of a doctor for his patient.
  • Anna probes into Griffin’s life online for clues as to their connection. Is he her son?
  • Anna’s hard probing unearths who Griffin is to her.
  • Brad of all people volunteers to be of service to Griffin with whatever’s required, rules be damned.
  • Curtis agrees to be a vault for Jordan’s mysteries, provided she do something for him too. You see, he’s sitting on a secret of his own.
  • Now Sonny has to let Michael know that Sabrina has been off with Carlos evading the law all this time. This is gonna crush him.
  • Michael believes Sabrina must be with Carlos under duress, or something like that.
  • Nathan discloses the deal behind this Claudette. Well, at least with Dante. She’s no dog.

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