Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Entrants in the Nurses' Ball Talent Show

10) Tony - Does "Somebody stole my Gal" on the ukulele
 8) Meg and Amy - Do "Which Floor are we on?" comedy
    routine (MEG: Which floor is pediatrics? AMY: That's
    right, which floor is pediatrics.)
 6) Miguel - croons a Barry Manilow medley with a duck on
    his head
 7) Doctor Alan Quartermaine - Performs his amazing
    disappearing corpse trick
 9) Steve (Koop Doccy Doc) Hardy - Rappin' all night long
 5) Audrey - Demonstrates filing system using Ross Perot
    Method and a pointy stick
 4) Bobbie - Does Karen's stripping act.  (Mass exodus
 3) Lucy and Damien - do a tango so erotic that ABC is
    forced to preface the show with a parental advisory
 2) Mary Mae and Luke - "cut a rug", not erotic at all; ABC
    forced to preface the show with a tedium warning
And the number one entrant in the the Nurses' Ball talent
 1) Kevin Collins does ventriloquism act with a little Mac just a towel.  (Him and the Dummy)
"What's the bunny's name?" Kevin/Frisco Bear
"I don't know we'll have to ask Maxie." Kevin
"I think I'll call him Kevin Bunny."  Maxie
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