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Top Ten Things Katherine The Art Chick Should Have Asked Leigh McCloskey

10) "What is that cologne you're wearing?" (As she steps
 9) "Why doesn't that little tart, Bobbie, leave Damien
 8) "Wanna see my Theda Bara imitation?"
 7) "Would you like my e-mail address?  You can come over
    and wipe my files anytime."
 6) "How about making an appearance at my College?  Three
    thousand girls for every guy."
 5) "Do you dream in color?"
 4) "Would you mind sitting for a bust?"
 3) "Who shot J.R.?"
 2) "What's Ricky Martin really like?"
And the number one thing Katherine the Art Chick really
Should have asked Leigh McCloskey:
 1) "What size towel do you wear?"
"That doesn't mean I can't appreciate another man's...
finer qualities." Bobbie Jones
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