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Top Ten Reasons Damian is Acting So Snarky

10) Caught Katy Bell sniffing his clothes again
 9) Ned having all the fun latley
 8) Edward's investigation turned up Whitewater connection
    in Damian's past
 7) Can't get A.J to send up more pillows
 6) Local police just not a challenge
 5) That time of the month
 4) Lucy glowing a little when she hangs out with that
    Kevin guy
 3) Favorite show "Saved By the Bell" canceled
 2) Dad always liked Jennifer best
And the number one reason Damien is Acting So Snarky
 1) Mets already suck
"It's hard to think of Damian as your baby bro." Laura
"Harder for him than for you." Jennifer
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