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Top Ten General Hospital Traditions Kevin is Having Trouble Getting Used To

10) Having to insert a long pause before giving patient a
 9) Gossiping part of a nurses duties
 8) Having to fill in for Physicians who are otherwise
    occupied (having affairs, trying to catch their spouses
    having affairs, attending conventions, visiting fat
    farms, on missionary trips in Somalia, making TV movies,
    testifying at Universities, making albums......)
 7) They really expect you to eat in that cafeteria
 6) Wheelchairs apparently passe, laundry carts now in
 5) Ogling also part of nurses duties
 4) Have to bow down and say "I'm not worthy!" every time
    Steve goes by your office
 3) Paperwork only important when it comes up in plotline
 2) Nurses have balls, Doctors don't
And the number one General Hospital tradition Kevin is
having trouble getting used to:
 1) Wednesday is free surgical saw day in the morgue
"I don't know, can you trust 'em?" Kevin (as Kevin-Bunny)
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