Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons We haven't Seen Jason Lately

10) Hiding until A.J. outgrows that corporate raider stage
 9) Knows Ned's a rocker; doesn't want anyone to see him
 8) Hoping Grandfather will change back while he's away
 7) He's at that Pennsylvania resort (really Max and Luna's
    Llanview Spa)
 6) Kidnapped by WSB; being trained as a spy
 5) Getting to know cousin Heather
 4) Just waiting till those rumors that he's Gay die down
 3) Reginald talked him into a biking tour of Cornwall
 2) Leading double life as MacDonald's drive-thru window
    cashier, sleeping with apple pie cook who fell in love
    with his burger flipping prowess and doesn't know
    anything about his potential medical career and filthy
    rich family
And the number one reason we haven't seen Jason lately
 1) He died tragically in a grain silo accident
"I'm staying out of this one." Jason Quartermaine
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