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Top Ten Reasons We Haven't Seen Marco Lately

10) Hiding until Luke outgrows that homicidal stage
 9) Knows Mac's a werewolf; doesn't want anyone to see him
 8) Hoping Tracy will come back while he's away
 7) He's at that Pennsylvania resort (really Max and Luna's
    Llanview spa)
 6) Kidnapped by ABC; being trained as an anchorman
 5) Getting to know Hilary Clinton
 4) Just waiting till those rumors that he's Elvis die down
 3) Reginald talked him into retracing the steps of the Mel
    Torme/Chico Marx band tour
 2) Leading double life as ambassador to Qatar, sleeping
    with bedouin princess, who fell in love with his
    hithertofore unknown sheepherding skills, and doesn't
    know anything about his mob ties and penchant for young
And the number one reason we haven't seen Marco lately
 1) He died tragically in a thighmaster accident
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