Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Kevin Might Find In The Lighthouse

10) Huge play-doh sculpture of Devil's Tower in livingroom
 9) Awful floral wallpaper in upstairs bathroom
 8) Sly staging protest of Jenny selling off all his
 7) Radioactive termites bench-pressing the sofa/loveseat
 6) Mangled spoon in garbage disposal
 5) Lots of empty condom wrappers
 4) Wine cellar floor still sticky from cheap San Sebastian
    wine (at least we hope that's what it is); and the smell
    could kill flies
 3) Bill's prized collection of nose goblins
 2) Medicine cabinet full of unused hair conditioner
And the number one thing Kevin might find in the Lighthouse:
 1) Marco and forty-five of his closest friends (Party!)
"A murder?  Do I care?" -- Kevin
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