Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Frisco Should Know While Staying At The Brownstone

10) Security very bad, serial killers can get in any time
 9) Small water heater; not enough hot water for everyone
    to have a decent shower
 8) Bobbie hysterical about bugs; Frisco better make sure
    he shook all the african insects out of that jacket
 7) Friday has been assigned as Frisco's "dish night"
 6) Coffee; decaffinated
 5) There's a Secret door from the attic to the upstairs
 4) VCR hasn't worked since Lucas' cheese sandwhich
 3) Scotty's apartment; be careful when walking in; dated
    hair care products have expired
 2) Tupperware Party/Human Sacrifice every other Tuesday
And the number one thing Frisco should know about staying
at the Brownstone:
 1) Things about to get really depressing around there
"You've just lowered your standards."  Tony Jones
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