Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Possible Story Lines For Kevin

10) Gets lots of business after offering Quartermaines
    group rates
 9) Kevin goes to work at nearby sanitarium where Bradley
    Ward has been kept drugged senseless against his will
 8) Adopts Robin
 7) Bobbie discovered dead in hospital elevator; poisoned.
    Once cafeteria food is ruled out, Lucy is fingered as
    the prime suspect (and don't think Sean doesn't enjoy
    it!).  Kevin, certain that Lucy is innocent (of murder),
    investigates the untimely demise of the Bulwark
 6) Elopes with Amy
 5) Lucy and Kevin hatch plot to sting Damian; code name
    "The Omen"
 4) Kevin moves into the lighthouse.  The disembodied
    spirit of Bill Eckert enters Kevin, forcing him
    to slay innocent encyclopedia salesmen, seduce blind
    girls, use swear words and seriously overact.
 3) Paint's nude portrait of Felicia; gives it to Mac as a
    birthday gift
 2) Kevin is contacted by an old family attorney (played by
    Jimmy Stewart) who tells him the real circumstances of
    their Mother's death.  She died of a heart attack while
    Ryan was away at Medical School.  Having cause to
    disbelieve Ryan's confession to the murder of Mama
    Chamberlain (played in flashbacks by Kristina Wagner),
    Kevin comes to doubt Ryan's guilt in the other killings.
    Kevin investigates further and becomes entangled in the
    depraved, twisted legacy that has already claimed his
    brother's sanity
And the number one possible storyline for Kevin
 1) Kevin agrees to host radio call-in show
    First call - "Hi, my name's Eddy, no, uh...yeah, Eddy.
    I've been leading a double life."
    Second call - "Hi my name's Joe.  My father's a
    gangster, and he never hugged me."
    Third call - "Hey, baby, how 'bout a date?"
"Oh, Lucy, I'm just hitting my stride." Dr. Kevin Collins
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