Top Ten Lists

Last week Tony's daughter, B.J. was in a probably fatal accident and his marriage came crashing down around his ears. How much more does the guy have to take?

Top Ten Terrible Things That Could Happen To Tony This Week

10) Paper cut
 9) Move's out of the Brownstone; Has to live at Kelly's
 8) Sexually harassed by Monica
 7) Has to do brain surgery on the driver of the car that
    swerved in front of the school van
 6) Going bald
 5) Medical license revoked
 4) Frank leaves Sonny a message on his answering machine
    about Tony
 3) Someone pins a kick me sign on his backside
 2) Tony develops drinking and prescription drug problem
    in a mere two weeks, a la Tiffany.
And the number one terrible thing that could happen to Tony:
 1) He takes Bobbie back
"Guess what your Mommy ordered." Tony Jones
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