Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Might Be In Kevin's Secret Photograph

10) Grace's picture
 9) Mommie Dearest, way back when
 8) Felicia and Mac; with little horns, tail and moustache
    drawn on Mac
 7) Ryan and Kevin as small adorable twin four-year olds
 6) A reduced copy of Maxie's latest artwork
 5) His friend, and fellow WSB agent, Robert Scorpio (with
    newspaper dated 1994)
 4) Autographed picture of Sigmund Freud
 3) Mommie Dearest (with newspaper dated 1994)
 2) Picture of the person he loves the most (himself)
And the number one thing that might be in Kevin's secret
 1) Picture of his fan club (L to R, Lynelle, Brenda [the
    awesome one,] Madelyn, Katherine [the Art Chick], Lydia,
    Roo, Cathy, Teresa, Tracy and [insert names here].)
"Just tell me how you want to use me and I'll tell you if
it's acceptable or not." Dr. Kevin Collins
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