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Top Ten Reasons We Simply Adore Miguel

10) The way he tosses his gorgeous mane of hair
 9) His charasmatic personality has us hypnotized
    (or, wait, did we just fall asleep?)
 8) The way he emulates the graceful gestures of his
    idols, William Shatner and Julio Iglesias
 7) Heard he has mailed application for sainthood to the
 6) The chemistry between Brenda and Miguel is smokin'!
 5) The allure of his seductive ditties
 4) Those mesmerizing Guiness Stout-colored eyes
 3) The way he says, "Lelee, Lelee, Lelee!"
 2) The sparks between Mac and Miguel are electrifying
And the numero uno reason we simply adore Miguel:
 1) He's paying us
"I don't understand." Miguel Morez
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