Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons We Want A Few Shares of Nedling Unltd.

10) Ned bears amazing resembalnce to Justin Kiriakis
 9) Ned is Tracy's son.  Tracy is cool
 8) Ned a much better CEO than any other Q
 7) Ned has cool friends like Damian and Brenda
 6) Hoping to encourage a Kevin/Ned Merger
 5) Admire the Nedling greatly for his on-the-spot-
    lying ability
 4) Leather pants
 3) Heard that Wally will be making personal appearances
    at the homes of Nedling a towel
 2) CEO Tangy Nancy, and shareholder Razz, nearly famous
    (Picture in SOW)
And the number one reason we want a few shares of Nedling
 1) Cold hands, warm heart
"I think this is progress." -- Nedly Quartermaine
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