Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Bradley Might Have Died

10) Suicide? (But what about that seventh bullet?)
 9) Isabella (jealous wife)
 8) Burglars
 7) Mary-Mae (lyin' her face off - still!)
 6) Edward Quartermaine (Oh, no! couldn't stand having yet
    one more illegitimate child)
 5) Alan (started killing early)
 4) Steve "Slugger" Hardy (paid assassin)
 3) Killed by ....A Tree!  (We read it in the *P scoops.  We
    suspect that big sycamore out back)
 2) Jack "isn't it obvious" Boland
And the number one way Bradley might have died
 1) Good friend, Eugene jealous of Bradley way with the
"I can't accept that about my father." Justus Ward
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