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Top Ten Horrible Gruesome Ways To Kill Off Bobbie

10) Devoured by army ants
 9) Sucked down into Quicksand while Damian looks
    on laughing maniacally and drinking a pina colada
 8) Takes nap in morgue, accidentally dissected
 7) Just can't move fast enough when that frieght train
    comes rolling down the tracks (Whooooooo!, Whoooooo!)
 6) Trapped in hospital lab where they've been running
    radiation experiments that have caused common household
    spiders and roaches to grow to two hundred times their
    normal size.  Found dead in the morning from conniption
 5) Ripped limb from limb by Robin's fake bear
 4) Leprosy
 3) A little bird whispers in Ryan Chamberlain's ear that
    Bobbie is the one who stole his mother's picture.  He
    waltzes out of the prison, tracks down Bobbie, takes her
    to the airport, decides not to kill her (because, of
    course, he's really innocent of all these terrible
    crimes he's accused of), but in her fright at seeing him
    she backs into a jet propellor.
 2) All residual brain activity stops from disuse,
    resulting in convulsions, loss of voluntary motor
    activity, (Really gross!) and eventually, of course,
And the number one horrible gruesome way to kill off Bobbie:
 1) A harpoon
"This isn't over yet." -- Damian Smith
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