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Top Ten Reasons The Toxic Incinerator Is A Bad Idea

10) Luke's hair already too curly
 9) Miguel singing Dylan tunes at sit-ins
 8) Might distract Ned from Lois
 7) Just another problem for already overburdened EPA
 6) Egads, what if Ruby takes an interest?
 5) Mutant Mary Mae
 4) Laura might nickname baby "Rainbow Warrior"
 3) Using the improperly discarded toxic waste, Lucky
    develops a species of giant worms that eat more than
    just garbage
 2) Too near graveyard.  Toxic waste revives Domminique
And the number one reason the Toxic Incinerator is a bad
 1) That much less screen time for Kevin and Lucy
"Who are you going to believe? Me or your own eyes." - -Lucy
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