Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Nasty Little Pranks Reginald Pulls On Katherine

10) Not delivering the messages that Ned really does leave
 9) Waters down her bourbon
 8) Keeps announcing her as "Hot Lips"
 7) Substitues Hydrochloric Acid for her peroxide
 6) Tells her she's required to participate in ancient
    Quartermaine Vogon poetry reciting ritual
 5) Sends her love notes signed S.B.
 4) Always messing with timer so Katy can't record Guiding
 3) Tells anyone who asks that Katy Bell and Annabelle
    are related
 2) Keeps asking her if she could give cook a hand in the
And the number one nasty little prank Reginald pulls on
 1)  Hides her Midol
"I'll go look for that." Reginald
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