Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Reginald Hates About The Holidays

10) Have to untangle Christmas Lights A.J. took down last
 9) Tracy forgets to send him a Chrismas card again
 8) Cook hangs mistletoe everywhere; hard to avoid her
 7) The family is unwilling to destroy Jason's belief in
    Santa Claus.  They expect Reginald to stomp around
    on the roof Christmas Eve and pretend he's a herd of
 6) Miguel is going Christmas Caroling
 5) Alan insists on pulling out old "Cinderella" tape during
    the holidays
 4) Ned throws his annual yuletide temper tantrum when he
    doesn't get to put the star on top of the Christmas tree
 3) Edward's idea of a Christmas bonus is second helpings of
 2) Lila's plan for Christmas shopping involves Reginald and
    a fork lift
And the number one thing Reginald hates about the holidays:
 1) Fruitcake
"It's going to be a splendid Christmas this year." -- Reginald
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