Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reason Ryan Might Have A Good Time When He Comes Back To Port Charles:

10) Sean already working two cases; two beyond his limit,
    no time to work in Ryan
 9) No shortage of blonde barbie doll types in PC
 8) New Lego sculpture in Port Charles Art Museum
 7) Lucy might mistake him for Kevin
 6) Just in time for the opening of Luke's Blues club
 5) Acme Explosives hasn't cut off his credit line yet
 4) Felicia still single (obviously still pining for Ryan)
 3) Brother Kevin has moved into cool new lighthouse; plenty
    of room for an unexpected guest
 2) Seat open at the next Outback poker game
And the number reason Ryan might have a good time when he
comes to Port Charles
 1) Forced to take Brenda hostage
"This is a farce! I didn't do anything!" -- Ryan Chamberlain
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