Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Have Been Bothering Ryan Lately

10) Prison auto shop class cancelled; have to take crochet
 9) Trouble having medical license reinstated (those
    pesky AMA rules)
 8) Kevin didn't send a Christmas card *sniff*
 7) If Steve didn't take his Mother's picture, who did?
 6) Larry King won't take his phone calls
 5) Prisoner in next cell with Miguel Morez CD
 4) Nobody believes his confession to the Nicole Brown
    Simpson murder (except Mac)
 3) Felicia still seems a bit distant
 2) What the hell has the legal system done with all his
    stuff (VCR, tapes, cool stereo system, photographic
    equipment, gardening tools, etc.)
And the number one thing that has been bothering Ryan
 1) Not even being considered for the vacant office of
    Surgeon General
"I am so sick of hearing the sound of my own voice." -- Ryan Chamberlain
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