Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Nasty Schemes Ryan Rejected For His Return To Port Charles

10) Freezing the entire city
 9) Becoming an Amway salesman
 8) Pretending to be Frisco (Rejected that because it's much
    easier to pretend to be Kevin)
 7) Luring Felicia and Mac onto a boat and then sinking
    it with a really fabulous special effect explosion
 6) Making crank calls to the hospital switchboard
 5) Running for mayor. (Naaah, might actually get elected.
    But maybe that Police Commissioner job....)
 4) Stealing Felicia's Aztec treasure
 3) Kidnapping Annabelle's puppy
 2) Filling the catacombs with lime Jello
And the number one nasty scheme Ryan rejected for his return
to Port Charles:
 1) Cloning Miguel
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