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Top Ten Reasons Lee And Gail Keep Their Distance From The Other Port Charles Residents

10) Not quite sure whom they're related too now
 9) People in PC seem to have trouble remembering to pay
    their Lawyer bills and their Psychologist bills
 8) Bad enough having to work with these people; socializing
    is out of the question
 7) Would NEVER shop at a discount house
 6) Lee a little embarrassed about having so little to do
    with that Bradley Ward case
 5) Folks in PC just don't understand about Zen golf and Zen
 4) Don't want anyone else to know about the supply of
    uncontaminated water they have in their basement
 3) The new flu Mary Mae's kids have is spreading; don't
    want anything to do with projectile vomiting
 2) Got themselves an internet account and have no free time
And the number one reason Lee and Gail keep their distance
from the other Port Charles Residents:
 1) Keeping their faces straight just too tough
"I'll send the papers over to Lee." -- Justus Ward
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