Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Other Plans Ned & Lois Could Have Come Up With To Get Sonny Out Of L&B

10) Have the entire stable of artists and the L and B in L&B
    take an extended vacation in Monte Carlo. (Maybe it
    wouldn't have worked, but it would have been more fun
    and less dangerous)
 9) Quietly wait until Sonny really needed the money to pay
    Stone's medical bills and let Sonny suggest the buy-out
 8) Convince him to become Amish, and that record companies
    are against his religion
 7) They could "Gaslight" him and convince him that his
    saintly door-mat mother has come back as a ghost
 6) They could steal a shipment of Cocaine and put it in
    a warehouse where Sonny is keeping *gasp ~ horrors*
    illegal gambling receipts and tell the cops it's just
    a silly ol' coincidence that ELQ trucks delivered the
    snow. (Naaaah, that MDP's been used)
 5) Tell him it's Lois' creative decision that Sonny has to
    sing back-up on the Music Video (The infamous "Don't
    Stop Now")
 4) Have Felicia seduce Harry
 3) Take Miguel out to the edge of town, tie him to a stake
    and wait for Sonny to come and kill him (Oh, our
    mistake; that is what they're doing!)
 2) Operation Niceness - A never ending campaign of over
     -kindness, (flowers, breakfast in bed, cutsie cards,
    L&B family outings, fresh-baked cookies, etc...) that
    reduces Sonny to a shivering jelly of expectant
    paranoia.  He sells out for bargain basement prices...
And the number one other plan Lois & Ned could have come up
with to get Sonny out of L&B
 1) Threaten to take Mike Corbin on as an artist
"It's the only way to get Sonny out of L&B." Ned (referring to whatever stupid plan he has at the time)
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