Top Ten Lists

As per Stone's example and Robin's suggestion we're going to make wish lists for other Port Charles citizens.

Top Ten Things On Sonny's Wish List

10) Wish Harry would stop calling him "Boss" in front
    of everybody
 9) Wish Luke would do something about his hair
 8) Wish Stone would pick up his wet towels off the
    bathroom floor
 7) Wish that British flower Eve would come and sweep him
    off his feet and take him away to a tropical island
 6) Wish Kevin's therapy rates were more reasonable
 5) Wish Ned and Lois would stop asking him for his creative
    opinion... he hasn't got any
 4) Wish there was a reunion of former Menudo members... in
 3) Wish Mike would get his hand caught in the blender
 2) Wish Brenda would get that brain tumor removed
And the number one thing on Sonny's wish list
 1) Wish everyone would just stop asking him how he feels
"When you wish upon a star..." -- Jiminy Cricket
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