Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Suspects, And Their Confessions, If Damian Is Murdered

10) Justus Ward -- "Rat-boy tried to build a Wal-Mart on
    my turf.  It was justifiable homicide"
 9) Dr. Kevin Collins -- "DAM-i-an shouldn't go around
    messing with a serial-killer's twin brother"
 8) Katy Bell -- "I was afraid for my life.  Well... maybe
    not for my life, but Damian was threatening to cut off
    my caviar supply.  Same thing"
 7) The Nedling -- "Grandfather said to 'take care' of
    Damian, and I took that to heart"
 6) Lucy Coe -- "I finally got a look at that aura of his"
 5) Mac Scorpio -- "What can I say?... testosterone
 4) Dr. Tony Jones -- "I finally snapped and decided to kill
    all of Bobbie's lovers... this could take a while"
 3) Frank Smith -- "I wasn't really dead.  I just wanted to
    see how my kid ran the business.  He really screwed up"
 2) Harry Silver -- "Hey, I was just protectin' our boy
    Sonny.  That Smith kid doublecrossed him"
And the number one suspect and his confession IF Damian is
 1) Sigmund, The Duck -- "Quack, quack, quack, quackety,
    quack, quack, quack, quack, quackety, quack, *squawk*"
    Translation - It was an accident.  He was trying to show
    me how to operate the snow-blower and things got out of
    hand ... er.... web.
"IF Damian is killed, we're betting on a February sweeps homicide, that coincides with a try at a wedding, (after a New Year's Eve Proposal) by Kevin and Lucy, which is interrupted when one of them is arrested for Damian's murder. The real killer? ... Harry in the Hotel Room with a Handgun." -- T 'n' T
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