Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Garcia Does On His Own Time

10) Crochets
 9) Meets Lily Rivera clandestinely in the catacombs
 8) Spends a day at the races with his good buddy, Harry
 7) Corpse prospecting at the ELQ Factory
 6) Occasionally knocks back beers with the Canadian
 5) Tries to figure out why Councilman Ward is putting out
    APBs on Ducks
 4) Jogs around town in spandex
 3) Watches "Car 54"; sympathizes with Toody
 2) Sends Sean monosyllabic updates
And the number one thing Garcia does on his own time
 1) Surfs the internet lookin' for Babes
"What I do on my own time is my own business." -- Garcia
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