Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Sigmund Is Thinking Of Doing To Officer Johnson for "Just Doing His Duty"

10) Calling police headquarters and quacking up a storm
 9) Fouling that brand new fountain in front of the Mayor's
 8) Dropping a note to Bobbie Spencer Jones professing
    undying love and signing it Rick Johnson
 7) Sick the bunny-lovers on him
 6) Frame him for the snow-blower murders
 5) Send him a bunch of Lassie tapes
 4) Eat all his popcorn before the big game
 3) Anonymous Christmas Gift - Miguel Morez CD
 2) Make a strong suggestion that Officer Johnson migrate
    south for the winter
And the number one thing Sigmund is thinking of doing to
Officer Johnson for "just doing his duty"
 1) Give Garcia the tip that Johnson is Harry's source
"My source is very reliable." -- Harry
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