Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Suspects And Their Confessions If Bobbie Is Murdered

10) Kevin - "She refused to pay her humongous bill"
 9) Lucy - "I'm just covering for Sigmund.  There was
    telltale snow all over the place"
 8) Steve Hardy - "I was sick and tired of hearing her
    whiny voice... and the scalpel was so handy"
 7) Damian - "The memory of our affair still haunts me.
    I thought strangling her might get rid of it"
 6) Alan - "The memory of our affair had completely
    slipped my mind.  This infuriated her and in self
    defense I had to drop a roof on her"
 7) Monica - "I wanted to make her an ex-ex-best friend"
 6) Betty (the babysitter) - "She found out my husband's
    name was Barney and just would not let up with the
    Flintstones jokes"
 5) Amy - "She was the only thing standing between me and
    a promotion"
 4) Katherine - "She was the only thing standing between
    me and the buffet table"
 3) Felicia - "She tried to raise my rent for the second
    time this year"
 2) Sigmund - "And I'm not even going say 'the snow
    -blower came on accidentally' for this one.  She dissed
    Mom one too many times"
And the number one suspect and his confession if Bobbie is
 1) Tony - "Well, who did you expect?  Don't tell ME I
    haven't got a motive"
"There goes that plan." -- Dr. Tony Jones
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