Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Signs That Brenda Has Problems Making Choices

10) Twelve VCRS set to record at the same time
 9) Waiters at Outback dread her arrival
 8) She admires Lucy's deciveness and stability
 7) One chess game; two years
 6) She's the reason Deception only has one fragrance
 5) Ruby no longer asks for Brenda's order just brings
    her whatever she feels like.  (Ooops, our mistake
    Ruby treats all her customers like that.)
 4) Her childhood pets were very confused at being
    alternately called Sparky and Isolde
 3) Uses Tylenol for everyday pain; Excedrin for headaches
 2) One word: Miguel
And the number one sign that Brenda has problems making
 1) Let's Lily pick her vacation spots
"I apologized. What more do you want?" -- Brenda
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