Top Ten Lists

Mac's Top Ten Qualifications For Police Commissioner

10) Never been Mayor
 9) Not to proud to slam his head against a handy brick
 8) Sheep-herding
 7) Being a bartender for all these years he's heard
    the dirt on every P.C. Resident
 6) Some of his best-friends are criminals
 5) Backed by Edward, who sensibly wants the person
    least likely to solve a crime in the position
 4) Not encumbered by any preconceptions about how
    to be a cop
 3) Robin at his beck and call should he need to figure
    out anything tough, like addition or how to retrieve
    a file
 2) Not dead
And Mac's number one qualification for Police Commissioner:
 1) Eve...his undercover policewoman persona!
"I don't want the job." -- Mac 'Tower of Jello' Scorpio
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