Top Ten Lists

Mac's Top Ten Duties As Police Commissioner

10) Making sure Garcia changes the coffee filters
 9) Impressing out-of-town official visitors with slightly
    exotic accent
 8) Covering up for Quartermaine's when they get
 7) Alligator wrestling (it bloody well comes up, y'know)
 6) Keeping rambunctious Officer Johnson in line
 5) Laughing at interrogation tapes
 4) Aiding unauthorized civilians in their investigatons
    of currently open police cases, often hindering said
    official investigation (Well... Sean used to do it for
    him.  Why wouldn't he think it was part of the job
 3) Keeping all the female prisoners "comfortable"
 2) Walking around police headquarters hidden by BIG
    cardboard cutout of Robert Scorpio
And Mac's number one duty as Police Commissioner
 1) Bringing the donuts
"Is there anything you need?" -- Mac Scorpio
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