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Top Ten Obstacles To A Lily/Garcia Romance

10) Garcia can't speak a word of Spanish
 9) Lily always playing Miguel Morez CD when depressed
 8) Commissioner Scorpio thinks sleeping with potential witnesses
    is his department
 7) Harry is taking a "personal" interest in Lily's welfare
 6) The only kind of spaghetti Garcia makes is round and comes
    out of a can
 5) Illicit affair bound to cramp Lily's stepford-wife style
 4) Julio
 3) Lily's Canadian Mountie fetish
 2) Closet psycho, Garcia, has dead mother stuffed and stored
    in the basement, carries on conversations with himself
And the number one obstacle to a Lily/Garcia relationship
 1) Lily insists on grading everything
"Officer Garcia needed my support." -- Lily Rivera Corinthos
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