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Top Ten Reasons You Should Ask to be Transferred to Mercy Hospital if You're Taken to General.

10) Meg and Amy making crank calls; too busy to
    help patients.
 9) Their only really good doctor is in prison for
    multiple murders. Hospital now severly understaffed.
 8) Tony Jones' bedside manner.
 7) Steve Hardy in foul mood; might pop your IV.
 6) Hospital is haunted by Felicia.
 5) No one's picked up the bodies in the morgue yet.
 4) Every floor looks the same.  You're certain to get
 3) The only psychiatrist is busy treating the staff.
 2) Janitorial crew doesn't care if you're being chased
    by a psycho-killer.
And the number one reason you should ask to be transferred
to Mercy Hospital if you're taken to General:
 1) Nurse Bobbie
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