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Top Ten Reasons Lois Has Come Back To PC

10) Left behind cool sound-proof cradle she designed
 9) To convince D.A. Dara to come to New York and launch
    that singing career
 8) To give Brenda some much needed advice that will undoubtedly
    be ignored
 7) Was heading for New Jersey and took a wrong turn
 6) Determined to kidnap Ned, take him to California and force 
    him to wear leather pants
 5) Little Brooke Lynn already displaying traits of a Quartermaine.
    Needs Ned to help with exorcism
 4) Tracy has scared her away from the New York City area
 3) To tell him she's fallen in love with that accordion player and
    intends to marry him
 2) Not really Lois. It's her twin sister
And the number one reason Lois has come back to PC:
 1) To tell Ned that Claire Labine didn't get the GH spinoff 
"Blow it out your ear." -- Lois Cerullo Ashton
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