Top Ten Lists

Brenda's Top Ten New Year's Resolutions

10) Give painkillers another shot
 9) Make sure she never has to eat GH cafeteria food again
 8) Check and see if Jagger's available again
 7) Tolerate that nurse Jax hired, because at least she knows how
    to turn on the microwave
 6) Find a job with zero stress
 5) Celebrate 4th of July by aiming a rocket at Sonny's secret hideaway
 4) Dye hair red, bug out eyes and start marrying lots of guys
 3) Remove Julia dartboard still hanging in the closet
 2) Find really cool sanitarium, with tennis, spa and personal trainer
And Brenda's number one New Year's resolution:
 1) Destroy herself before Jax's "love" smothers her to death
"Too much of anything, even love, is not necessarily a good thing." -- Capt. James T. Kirk ~Trouble With Tribbles~
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